Monaco Travel Guide

Tips for visiting Monaco from a local resident What to do and what to see in Monaco If you are travelling to the South of France and you would like to visit Monaco, but you don’t have too much time to enjoy it slowly, here are a few of my recommendations for a quick visit….

Travel Pre-Packing List for clothes

I really think this is THE best tip for travelling light and to avoid over packing. Before I even start packing, I start by making a list, in a piece of paper starting by the days I will be gone. For example: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Monday. That is 5 days, hence I need 5…

Tips for attending a Boat Show

Looking to buy a boat? are you a boat fan? or simply love to attend boat shows?! Stay tuned for my tips to know before visiting a boat show!

Packing List

The Ultimate travelling Packing List Before your travel, and even before you get your luggage, you can always go back to this list and make sure you are not forgetting anything! Even though the list may look long, I am pro- TRAVELLING LIGHT, remember less is more! Travel smarter! Before you start packing, I also…

Restaurants with tender service to pick you up from your yacht

Are you yachting in the Cote d’azur and wondering where can you go for lunch? here are my recommendations for the top beaches with tender pick up service. Solenzara Beach Roquebrune Cap- Martin This is one of my favorites new beaches in the Cote d’azur. You can anchor in the bay between Roquebrune and Menton,…